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Gisela Aguilar


Originally from El Salvador, Gisela Aguilar is the owner of L Business Multiservices, and is currently a New York resident. She is a wife and mother of one, while also being a proud pet owner. Since creating her business in 2006, she has established herself as a reputable notary public, an official tax preparer on the IRS directory, a Real Estate Agent, and does defensive driving courses. She is also bilingual, thus able to serve both the spanish and english speaking community. 

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More About L Business Multiservices Corp.

Since taking on our first clients in 2006, L Business Multiservices Corp. has built a reputation as a trusted local accountant for both our English and Spanish speaking community. Each member of our team will ensure that your accounting needs are dealt with professionally and efficiently. 

We pride ourselves in dealing with our clients on an individual level, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate our services for them. 

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